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As a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Qi Gong/ Tai Chi Teacher, and Spiritual Minister, I am experienced in the realm of Mind/Body/Spirit healing and wholing. It is with gratitude that I recommend Anna Oliver to anyone who is seeking a sincere and insightful guide through the journey to self-discovery.

Many years ago, I witnessed Anna's choice to pursue her calling to self-realization and service to others, through the ancient arts of the Shamanic Way. I applaud her dedication to her training and to her practice. My own Shamanic Journey under Anna's guidance was spiritually inspiring, psychologically validating, physically nurturing and in a "worldly" sense, very practical. Anna has honed her inner- knowing to a remarkable degree. Her integration of knowledge, intuition, and experience allows her to practice the Shamanic processes with skill and grace. Her conscious compassion allows her to connect with each person in non-judgemental awareness.

Perhaps Anna's greatest gift is her communication that we are never alone; that the Infinite Source guides and cares for us through our own angels and spiritual-wayshowers. Anna helps us to get in-touch with them, as they continuously remind us of our soul's true purpose.

~ Ruth Ann Rauter



In the past few months, I've just been feeling "better" spiritually, and I wondered why. Only when looking back did I realize that the turning point was my time with Anna! She did some clearing work on me, and I'm so grateful that I found her! She is very professional; her uppermost concern is always that you feel comfortable and understand what is going on. I am fairly guarded with what kind of people I allow in. But Anna's wisdom and experience put my mind at ease. She is a real spiritual warrior, a powerful healer and a blessing to the people of Southwest FL.

~ S.H.



Thank you for working with me. . .you have helped me more than you know. . .I feel at peace with certain decisions I have made the last few days.

~ J. I.


I appreciate you and your gift. Your compassion and intuitiveness are amazing, and you put me totally at ease during each session.
I’ll admit to being a little apprehensive, fearful of knowing what would be revealed and what was needed to heal, yet not knowing was more disturbing. I also knew there was an emptiness that needed healing, and you showed the way, as I babble on. It’s hard to put into words the positive impact you and your gift have made in my life.  

Our first work was a Shamanic journey, a very powerful experience, so much was revealed. I learned of spirit guides, power animals, soul loss and areas where that probably happened. Which led to two soul retrieval works, also very powerful and enlightening. Each retrieval different, it’s own personality if you will. My life, spiritual and everyday, hasn’t been the same, and I mean that in a good and positive way. It was a healing experience as well, I feel more complete, at peace and in tune with myself, than at any time I can remember, and plan on another soul retrieval in the near future, there is much work to be done.  

Even though our last session was a few weeks ago, it’s still in progress as insights continue to surface. I pray others will seek your services and benefit as much as I have.

~ Sharon



Having an Anthropology degree, I was very much aware of the practice of Shamanism. Meeting Anna for the first time, I felt at ease and was ready for a powerful transformation. 

After the first session, the Spirit Guides said they could help, although I first needed a Spirit Releasement, as there were some guest Spirits co-cohabiting my space. The session to remove them was intense. 

At that point, I was finally ready for the Soul Retrieval. The last session, I reclaimed my lost Soul pieces who took flight at an early age. Upon completion, I felt an immediate wholeness like never before. 

Since then, my mind is much quieter, I have more energy and a positive outlook on life.  I want to thank Anna for channeling the healing energy and making me whole again.



So I must tell you that yesterday was really the most awesome healing experience of my life. I am changed at the core and see life in a new way through the light shining out my eyes. I am blessed to have met you and pray you will continue being a part of my journey.

My very best,





These words I write will never be able to convey the debt of gratitude that I will forever owe you. When I first met you in November 2014 I was lost and very afraid. My greatest fear was that I would never find my way back to the light and love of life that I once had. Your patience, knowledge, care and compassion for me moved me from that well of darkness to a beautiful bright world. I experienced support and comfort from you that I had never known before. Because of your guidance I now have the spiritual strength and personal skills to remain grounded and safe. The journeys you undertook on my behalf as well as the training you imparted to me (so that I am now able to journey on my own) have strengthened my faith and belief in the all- knowing power of the Universe.

My mother has a saying that when God is not able to come to our aid, he sends someone. You are that angel that God sent to me in my time of spiritual need. My life has made an amazing transformation to a higher level of spiritual understanding because of you.

May you always be blessed and continue to do this amazing work that you do and love.


Many, many thanks and great love,




I believe that with your sessions - it was that final push I needed to push me out of the" rut bubble" and to have faith. Your work has really helped me to realize that I have a purpose and I need to be here to do what I am suppose to do. So I am forever grateful to you and what you contribute to this world.



Anna is amazing! I just can not put into words how grateful I am for her insights. Thank you Anna.

~ A. M.


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