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Please review my services and see what resonates most with you. Still not sure? Book a phone consult so we can discuss what would be most beneficial.


Shamanic services that address a variety of subjects. Distance appointments via phone or video call are available. Tampa office appointments are not available at this time. 

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Divination Journey

Seek guidance and information from Spirit on any issues of concern to you. Assistance in setting intentions for your well-being. Mundane to significant issues and questions can be addressed. Past Life queries may be included in this journey also.

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Past Life Journey

Discover how past lives affect current issues and relationships with this focused divination journey. Particularly helpful in giving context to repeated problems, patterns and fears (including phobias). Learn what life lessons and relationships may be unresolved from past lives and how to best handle them in this current incarnation. 

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Dream Work

Understand and work with Big Dreams. Recurring dream or nightmare resolution. Learn to proactively work with your dreams with intention and awareness. 

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Locate and conduct souls to Upper World. Effective way to clear a space of intrusive lost spirits or help a loved one who has become stuck on this plane. Ease grief by working with deceased loved ones to answer questions and find closure. 

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Soul Retrieval

Restoration of lost soul part for healing from abuse, divorce, death, war, illness, natural disasters, etc.... This is deep healing work for the person seeking wholeness. A previous Shamanic Journey is required before a Soul Retrieval session. 


Power Animal Retrieval

Restoration of Animal Totem for: self-empowerment; facing challenges or obstacles; healing; connecting with Spirit and/ or Nature. Can be done for mundane or significant reasons. Simple and quick, but very effective work. 


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Spiritual Clearing

Spiritual Healing /  Energetic Rebalancing. Powerful work for those who have been through challenging relationships or experiences. Particularly helpful for substance abuse issues or toxic relationships. This can also be selected for curse unraveling or ancestral clearing work. Often needed before Soul Retrieval. 


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Space Clearing

Clear away negative energies or provide purification and blessing of a space. Good for reclaiming a space (for ex: after divorce or a breakup) and also when moving into a new home or office. Available for both residential and commercial spaces. Fee starts at $250 and varies depending on space/ distance.


* If you are experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment, illness or some other significant issue and can't afford the listed rates, please contact me. I may offer payment options for services if legitimate need is present.

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